The Hospital is run by FSJ – Franciscan Sisters of St.Joseph’s.The congregation was founded by Fr.John Aelen. He established the congregation in the year 1887.

The Congregation provides its service to the church and its people in various areas: Pastoral, Evangelical, Educational, Healing, Socio economical situations.

In keeping with the chrisom of our Founder we work especially for the oppressed and the downtrodden female children and women in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi.

1.St.Joseph’s Hr.Sec.School  – Coimbatore
2.Infant Jesus Matriculation School  – Coimbatore
3.St.Joseph’s Primary school  – Coimbatore
4.St.Joseph’s B.Ed / M.Ed College  – Coimbatore
5.St.Joseph’s Matriculation Hr.Sec.School  – Maraimalai Nagar
6.St.Joseph’s Working Women’s Hostel  – Maraimalai Nagar
7.St.Joseph’s Garments  – Mugalivakkam
8.St.Joseph’s Dispensary Mugalivakkam
9.St.Joseph’s Press  – Mugalivakkam
10.Assisi Mat.Hr.Sec.School  – Ramapuram
11. R.C.M.High School  –  St.Thomas Mount
12.Jeeva Computer Centre  – St.Thomas Mount
13.St.Joseph’s Typing Institute  – St.Thomas Mount
14.St.Joseph’s Creche  – St.Thomas Mount
15.St.Thomas Hospital  –  St.Thomas Mount
16.St.Theresa of Child Jesus School of Nursing St.Thomas Mount
17.Sacred Heart TTC Institute  – Vandavasi
18.St.Luke’s Catholic Hospital & College of Nursing  – Africa
19. Immaculate Heart of Mary’s Girls Hr.Sec.School  – Avadi
20. St.Antony’s Middle School  – Avadi
21.St.Joseph’s Mat.High.School  – Avadi
22.Lucia’s Home for Children  – Avadi
23.St.Mark ‘s High School  – Adambakkam
24.Infant Jesus Nursery Primary School  – Bagayam
25.Infant Jesus Dispensary  – Bagayam
26.St.Joseph’s Home for the aged  – Birudur
27.Our Lady of Lourdes Home for Children  – Cheyyar
28.R.C.M Middle School  – Cheyyar
29.Sacred Heart Middle School  – Egmore
30.Sacred Heart Hostel  – Egmore
31.Bishop Aelen Home For Children  – Egmore Pudupet
32.St.Joseph’s Mat.Hr.Sec.School  – Ennore
33.Sagayamatha High School  – Ennore
34.St.Joseph’s industrial School  – George Town
35.St.Agnes Middle School  – George Town
36.St.Joseph’s Hospital  – Kamalapuram
37.Holy Spirit Home For Children  – Kamalapuram
38.St.Joseph’s Dispensary  – Manamathy Kandigai
39.R.C.M Middle School  – Manamathy Kandigai
40.Assisi Illam  – Nethaji Nagar
41. Sagaya Madha School  – Nethaji Nagar
42.St.Antony’s Home For Children  – Ottanthangal
43.R.C.Middle School  – Ottanthangal
44.R.C.M Primary School, Sinnivakkam  – Ottanthangal
45.St.Thomas Home For Children  – Pakala
46.Infant Jesus High School –Pakala
47.St.Mary’s home for children –Pathiyavaram
48.R.C.Middle School –Pathiyavaram
49.St.Joseph’s industrial School –Poonamallee
50.Thanthai Valloggia Dispensary –Poonamallee
51.St.Joseph’s Technical Centre – Pulicat
52.St.Joseph’s High School – Pulicat
53.St.Xavier’s Eng.Med.High School –Srikalahastri
54.St.Antony’s Dispensary –Thirumalpadi
55.St.Anton’s Mat.High School –Thirumalpadi
56.St.Paul’s Primary School –Thiruvottiyur
57.Sacred Heart Ceche –Vaniyambadi
58.St.Joseph’s Dispensary –Vaniyambadi
59.St.Antony’s Primary School –Vaniyambadi
60.Sacred Heart Girls Hr.Sec.School –Vandavasi
61. St.Joseph’s Industrial School –Vandavasi
62.Sacred Heart Home for children –Vandavasi
63.Nirmala Dispensary,Padiri –Vandavasi
64.Arokia Matha Creche –Vellore
65.Arokiamatha Dispensary –Vellore
66.Arokia Matha Mat.School –Vellore
67.R.C.M Middle School –Vellore
68.St.Joseph’s Girls Hr.Sec.School –Vepery
69.St.Joseph’s Primary School–Vepery
70.St.Joseph’s Nursery and primary E.Med School –Vepery
71.St.Antony’s Home for Children –Vepery
72.Sagayamatha Hospital –Veeralur
73.R.C.M Middle School –Walajabad
74.St.Joseph’s Mat.School –Walajabad
75.St.Joseph’s Mat.School – Alwarpet
76.St.Joseph’s Typewriting Institute – Alwarpet
77.I.H.M  primary school –Amsi
78.Immaculate Heart Of mary’s Dispensary –Amsi
79.Our lady of health matriculation school –Budalur
80.St.Francis Of assisi Matriculation School –Chinnamanur
81.R.C.M Middle School –Chinnamanur
82.St.Joseph’s Hostel –Coonor
83.St.Theresa’s Tailoring Centre –Conoor
84.St.Antony’s Primary School –Conoor
85.Lucia’s Home for the Aged –Elambalur
86.St.Joseph’s Matric Higher Secondary School –Elambur
87.Holy Family Primary School –Ettamadi
88.St.Anne’s Middle School –Karaiyur
89.St.Antony’s Middle School –Killukottai
90.Assisi Dispensary –Killukottai
91. Assisi Home For Children –Maiyanur
92.St.Joseph’s Dispensary –Maiyanur
93.Kulandai Yesu High School –Maiyanur
94.R.C.M Middle School –Manavalanallur
95.R.C.M Primary School –Manakkal
96.St.Theresa’s of child jesus primary school –Marianathapuram
97.St.Sebastian’s High School –Nagalur
98.R.C.Primary School –Nagalur
99.R.C.M.Middle School –Nathampatti
100.Adaikalamatha Matriculation School –Nellai Town
101.St.Joseph’s Matriculation School –Okkur
102.St.Thresa’s Matriculation School – olagadam
103.St.Anton’s Primary School – Palayamkottai
104.R.C.Primary School – Pandarakulam
105.Annai Packiam Matriculation School –Pannaikkadu
106.St.Domnic’s Girl’s Hr.Sce.School –Perambalur
107.St.Domnic’s Home For Children –Perambalur
108.St.Joseph’s Tailoring Centre –Perambalur
109.Fathima Primary School – Perambalur
110.St.Francis of Assisi Home For Children – Perumpalayam
111.R.C.M Middle School – Perumpalayam
112.R.C.Primary School – Pillavadanthai
113.St.Joseph’s Matriculation School – Pudukottai
114.St.Joseph’s Primary School –Pudukottai
115.Assisi Tailoring Centre –Salem
116.St.Thomas Matriculation School –Salem
117.St.Paul’s Primary School –Salem
118.Annai Velankanni Mat.Hr.Sec.School – Singampunari
119.St.James Matriculation School – Srivaikundam
120.R.C.Primary School – Srivaikundam
121.St.Luke’s Hospital –Thengapattinam
122.Child Jesus Home For Children – Thiruvalanthurai
123.St.John’s Middle School – Thiruvalanthurai
124.Vimala Matriculation School – Thuraiyur
125.R.C.Primary School  – Thuraiyur
126.Assisi Centre – Vannampatti
127.R.C.Middle School – Vannampatti
128.St.Joseph’s Matriculation School – Virachilai
129.St.Joseph’s Dispensary – Virachilai
130.St.Micheal’s Dispensary – Venkatachalapuram
131. St.Micheal’s Home for children – Venkatachalapuram
132.St.Inigo Primary School – Venkatachalapuram
133.St.Domnic’s Hospital  – Agra
134.Christ the King High School – Agra
135.Don Bosco Eng.Med.School – Chebrolu
136.St.Antony’s High School – Cuttack
137.Shanthi Nikethan Eng.Med.School – Damaracherla
138.Assisi Home For Children – Damaracherla
139.St.Francis D’Sales High School – Gangapur City
140.Little Flower High School – Gorakhpur
141.Little Flower High School – Gorakhpur
142.St.Thomas Dispensary – Hallaur
143.St.Thomas High School  – Hallaur
144.St.Joseph’s High School – Kasgani
145.Assisi Dispensary – Mondasoro
146.Assisi Home For Children – Mondasoro
147.Don Bosco Eng.Med.School – P.T.Parru
148.Assisi Home For Children – P.T.Parru
149.Assisi Dispensary –Siddarth Nagar
150.St.Xavier’s High School – Siddarth Nagar
151.Infant Jesus Eng.Med.School – Vegiwada